Our Mandate

Mandate and Functions

  •  Manage, control and administer the assets of the fund in such manner and for such purposes as to best promote the purpose for which the Fund is established;
  • Receive any gifts, grants, donation or endowments made to the Fund or any other monies lent in respect of the Fund and make disbursements there from in accordance with the provisions of Sports Act 2013;
  • Enter into contracts on behalf of the Board of Trustees;
  • Raise funds through sports lotteries, investment and any other means and disburse the funds for the development of sports and recreation;
  • Make recommendations relating to the provision of financial grants to national sports organizations;
  • In relation to the National Sports Lottery, ensure that any lottery carried out for the purposes of the Fund complies with the relevant law;
  • Indicate to all the sports agencies at the beginning of its financial year; the amount of money likely to be availed to the Board for allocation in that year; the priorities of the Board in monies allocated in that year; and the criteria to be applied in making allocations;
  • Receive from sports agencies, at least six months before the commencement of every financial year, an annual sports programme in such form as it shall specify, outlining a comprehensive plan of action for the development, rehabilitation and maintenance of the sports projects or programmes of the sports agency and the estimated costs of every activity.
  • Implement the plan of action;
  • Advise the Cabinet Secretary on the establishment and implementation of a social responsibility programme in respect of the national sports lottery and any other matter relating to the national sports lottery which the Cabinet Secretary may require advice;
  • With the approval of the Cabinet Secretary, set a ceiling of the amount of money that may be spent from the Fund for administrative expenses, which shall not exceed 3% of the total collection in any year;
  • To ensure that any expenditure and commitments from the Fund do not exceed annual income of the Fund, including surplus brought forward from the previous year;
  • Under exceptional circumstances, in case of insufficient funds to meet the actual or estimated liabilities of the Board of Trustees, to seek for advance funding through the Cabinet Secretary of Finance and with the approval of Parliament, in such terms and conditions that will be agreed on;
  • Through regular publications, inform the public of its activities and operations and ensure that such activities and operations shall be accessible to the public; and
  • Perform such other functions as the Cabinet Secretary may assign.

Strategic Objectives of the Fund

  •  To establish and maintain a regulatory environment for Funding Sports development.
  • To increase the number of sports persons and organizations participating in sports locally and globally through supporting professional leagues.
  • To create and maintain a pool of skilled and globally competitive staff.
  • Support infrastructure development for nurturing of talent for income earnings by